Hey! Listen! The character for this week is Link, from the Legend of Zelda series!

I’m deciding to combine this week with Toon Link, because the designs would end up turning out very similar. So for Toon Link’s week, I’ll do something else 🤗

If I don’t play as Ike in Smash Bros, Link is my next choice. He’s one of my all time favorite video game characters, so I was super excited to make Link this week, and I’m just as excited at how he turned out! I love his fluffy hair and cute elf ears ☺

Next week’s character is… Samus! Not sure yet how I’ll accomplish it, so I’ll be doing some brainstorming 🤔

This event is a CAL/weekly challenge, so if anyone wants to join in and create your own version of Samus for next Saturday you are more than welcome to! Use #supersmashtokyo to share your projects and tag me on Instagram @tokyodragon.crochet


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