Hair it is!

Alright, despite my lame attempt at a hair pun in the title, you’ve made it to a blog post all about adding hair to crochet dolls! There are so many different ways to add hair, so I’ll be going over the ones that I know of and use most often. The method I end up picking usually depends on the character’s look or the style I am going for.

Fluffy: This type of hair style takes the longest, but I think it’s the most rewarding! It involves attaching the strands of hair, and then brushing them out (tediously) with a dog brush.

I like to use this type of hairstyle most often, and find it best for short and spiky hair, or wild and crazy hair. I would say the only downside (other than the massive arm workout) is that it’s hard to get long strands brushed out like this, which is why I don’t usually use this method if I’m making a character with long hair.

Crochet: For this type of hairstyle, I make several crochet pieces and attach them to the head. As usual, the easiest for me is to use hot glue to attach the pieces. The pieces can be straight, curly, or triangles, all depending on the hairstyle!

Attach: This is my preferred method when making characters or dolls with long hair. It’s the same attaching the strands to the head as the fluffy style, but without using a dog brush. I like to use the softer, variegated (multicolored) yarn for this as pictured below.

Felt: With felt, I use it for a small amount of hair, such as sideburns on Mario! It’s also great to use if you need to make shapes that are complicated to crochet.

Needle felting: I don’t use needle felting for hair too often anymore, but it can be used in lots of ways! It’s a little tricky to get used to, but with some practice you can make some really neat shapes. It’s also good for other details like eyebrows.

And that wraps it up! If you have any other methods, share them in the comments!

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