Mario – Super Smash Saturday 01

First week of Super Smash Saturday, woo~ I’m super excited to get this started! I posted an explanation of this series, if you’d like to check it out, click HERE.

And now, without further ado, we can get started! First up on the roster is (drum roll please)… Mario!

Every time I set out to make something new, I always start with a sketch. It’s much easier for me to visualize how something will turn out if I can draw it in simple shapes and forms. It took a couple iterations for me to decide what kind of style to go with, and in the end I went with the one on the bottom (I couldn’t resist how cute the sketch looked)!

After that, I selected the yarn! It’s the typical red and blue Mario is usually seen wearing, along with some detail colors for the gloves and shoes. For this project, I used a combination of Red Heart and Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn.

Now that everything is prepared, I usually like to start out with making the head (or whichever piece will be the largest). This helps me get a good idea of the size, and it prevents me from making arms or legs that are too big or too small. For the eyes, I used 12mm safety eyes.

Next up is the body, the arms, and the legs. I knew I wanted this Mario to have a chibi look (a big head and small body), so I kept that in mind as I made the body, arms, and legs.

And now it’s time for the fun part – the details! The suspenders were simple chains done with the blue. For small details or complex shapes (like the little yellow buttons and the mustache), I like to use felt. Not only is it easier than trying to achieve the size and shapes with crochet, it has a nice look to it too.

Last but certainly not least, Mario’s hat! Since I wasn’t going to give Mario any hair underneath the hat, I added some felt sideburns and then attached the hat so it doesn’t come off. Finally, I used felt to make a little white circle with an M on it, and put that right in the center of the hat.

I am super satisfied with how he came out. He is so cute and I can’t wait to make more of him! Mario is just one of those iconic characters that almost everyone knows, even if they aren’t gamers.

I think my favorite Mario game would have to be Super Mario Sunshine – it’s one of the first Mario games I played, so I have some pretty fond memories of it. What’s your favorite Mario game? Leave it in the comments!

Next week’s Super Smash character is… Donkey Kong! Stay tuned and have a great week!


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