Safety Eyes and Alternatives

When I first started crochet, I couldn’t help but feel like my amigurumi was missing something. They felt somehow incomplete, and as I continued I realized it was the eyes. I had been using felt, which I do still use occasionally, but at the time it wasn’t giving my work the finished look I wanted it to have. As I did some research and looking around, I came across… safety eyes!

Ever since starting with safety eyes, it’s been my go to method. I love the look it gives my crochet creations, and it also provides that finished quality I was looking for.

I usually work with 8mm or 12mm safety eyes, which I order from 6060 on Etsy. I get the usual black eyes, and if I find myself needing different color eyes, I just paint the ones I have.

There are, of course, plenty of other ways to add eyes, including felt, sewing, needle felting, buttons, fabric paint, and more! Each method gives the crochet a different look; it all depends on the style you’re going for. If you have any methods you use, share it in the comments!


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