Zelda – Super Smash Saturday 12

Its Princess Zelda this week! I know this is a dual character (also Sheik), but I’m thinking I might make Sheik instead of Toon Link when the time comes. There were a ton of details for Zelda’s dress, which I did my best to simplify and include. The next character is Pit! This event is […]

Diddy Kong – Super Smash Saturday 11

Another week of Super Smash Saturdays is complete! Next up is Zelda! This event is a CAL/weekly challenge, so if anyone wants to join in and create your own version of Zelda for next Saturday you are more than welcome to! Use #supersmashtokyo to share your projects and tag me on Instagram @tokyodragon.crochet

Luigi – Super Smash Saturday 10

Phew, another week down! This week its Luigi, and I used the same pattern I made for Mario. Once again, felt is awesome for small details and complex shapes, like the little yellow buttons for Luigi’s overalls, or his mustache! The next character is Diddy Kong! This event is a CAL/weekly challenge, so if anyone […]

Kirby Coaster Pattern

Here is the pattern for the Kirby coaster! I tried my best to explain how I attached the arms and feet, but if the written explanations don’t make sense, you can view this tutorial video! Kirby Coaster Pattern Materials: Pink yarn Red yarn Crochet hook – I use a G hook Felt for details (pink, […]

Marth – Super Smash Saturday 08

Two months of Super Smash Saturday completed! Today’s character is Marth. I love the Fire Emblem games, so I had a lot of fun with this one. His hair didn’t turn out exactly as I had imagined, but I’m still satisfied with it. I especially love the little cape I gave him. Next up is […]

The Devil’s in the Details

So, details! For me, the details are what makes my crochet pieces come alive and feel complete. Like Deku’s freckles, or Fox’s belt, or the Pokeball centers. Small things like that can make a huge difference in how the finished piece looks! In this post, I’ll go over some of my favorite ways to add […]

Fox – Super Smash Saturday 06

Phew, the first row of characters is already almost done! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by, does anyone else feel that way? But anyway, today’s character is Fox! I didn’t have the exact color for him, but got it close enough. He reminds me a little bit of my red panda […]

Game On Expo 2019

This past weekend I attended Game On Expo as a vendor! It was my first time at this convention, and I will definitely be attending next year as well. It was tons of fun; I got to meet some cool new people and play old school arcade games. With each convention I go to, I […]